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The Pastoral Council advises the pastor on issues impacting the overall leadership and direction of the parish.  The Council can be seen as a sort of executive advisory body.  The Council reflects the Church’s intention to involve parishioners more directly in the leadership of the Church and provide for more transparent Church leadership.

This is a growing effort within Sacred Heart that seeks to make Church activities more accessible to parishioners. 

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This Committee organizes efforts to clean, repair and maintain Church facilities. 

During weekend masses or events, volunteers assist with parking, traffic control, and security throughout the Parish Property.

Tim Wyant (909) 803-9312

The Finance Council advises the pastor on issues impacting the financial health of the parish.  As a practical matter, financial issues impact all ministries and Church functions.  The Council reflects the Church’s intention to involve parishioners more directly in financial questions and to conduct transparent financial actions.

Tony Morales

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A retreat based on Scripture, Acts 2:42. It is designed to bring men and women to be more active in the parish community and to have a closer relationship with our Lord.

Carlos & Andrea Avila ext. 261

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A Marriage Encounter weekend is a process that married couples experience in the course of two or three days. This weekend gives spouses an opportunity to grow in their marriage through open and honest communication, face-to-face sharing, and heart to heart encounter.

Peddy & Linda Ascio (909) 428-2220

Knit and crochet for different charities.

Gina Kunakom (909) 472-8682

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Ve'Lores Thompson

Serves coffee/donuts after all the Sunday morning Masses.

Mary Orduño (909) 561-2950

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Raul y Rocio Lozano

Men meet monthly to grow into a closer relationship with Jesus through prayer, Scripture, and fellowship.

Dave Hutson (909) 823-0146

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A Catholic Men's Fraternal Organization. The Order is true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity.

Jim Hernandez (951) 897-9973

This ministry is based on the belief that enriching marriage will enhance the couple relationship, improve family life, and build community. We have marriage support groups, retreats, and enrichment events.

Shawn and Bern Judson

Marriage Enrichment Retreat
“Take My Heart, Take My Hand”
Give Each Other a Wonderful Gift! Enrich your Marriage and your Lives by participating in the Marriage Enrichment Weekend Program at Sacred Heart.

Dates and Times of  Event being held at St. John Paul II Hall:
Friday, March 11        6:30 PM –  9:30 PM  
Saturday, March 12    7:30 AM – 9:00 PM  
Sunday, March 13      7:30 AM – 4:00 PM  

Click Here to obtain Application

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Joe Dias

The Audio/Visual ministry supports the parish by using behind the scenes technology to let the Word be heard and the scene be seen.  We are responsible for the procurement, operation, and maintenance of all audio and video equipment, using quality technology and trained technicians.

Thomas Haynes ext. 252

Parishioners take turns weekly to clean purificators and altar linens.

Judy Oziminski (909) 484-7350

Those who proclaim the Word of God during Mass. Go here for a slide gallery of our current group of lectors.

Bob Covington (English) (909) 350-3277 and Luis Torres (Español) (909) 854-6670.

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Lester Pasimio

Volunteers work together to decorate the church depending on the Liturgical Season/Event.

Veronica Assal (909) 702-0857

Boys and girls who have received First Communion assist the priest during the celebration of Mass.

Nidia Vargas (559) 331-5173 (English) and Rene Echiverri (909) 904-1611 (Español)

Singers and musicians assist in the celebration of the mass prayer and song.

Candice Brown, Jowie Witongco, Raul Cancio, Ernie Gomez, Joaquin Vazquez, Carlos Urrtia, Jose Ramirez y Carlos Ramirez

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Linda Elliott

People commit to a regular hour of adoration in the church each First Friday.

Lucy Castellana (626) 675-0572

Parishioners serve by distributing the body and blood of Christ during Mass.

Lynda Hanna (909) 721-6440

Men and women assist in the Mass by welcoming and seating parishioners, taking the collection, presenting the gifts, and distributing the bulletin.

Andy Morales

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David G. Arias
(951) 217-6434

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Obie Chukuani

Tagalog-speaking members of the parish prepare for Filipino feasts and the monthly Filipino/English Mass.

Cynthia Ronquillo (909) 684-3838

This ministry welcomes and unifies all ethnic communities within our parish in prayer, ministry and worship. They encourage people of all ethnic groups to share their values, build bridges with one another, and promote cohesiveness in prayer and worship.

Linda Ascio (909) 730-1524

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Antonio y Elidia Rivera

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Guillermo y Carmen Navarro

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Deacon Ed Clark

Catechists and Jr. Catechists prepare teens for the Sacrament of Confirmation by offering parental interaction, community outreach, Mass participation, retreats, teachings of the Church and their faith.

Chika Anyanwu ext. 123

A ministry focused on the on-going spiritual care and instruction of young adults ages, 18-35, with activities that include social outings, scripture and book studies, Mass and Adoration nights, retreats, campus ministry at local colleges, community service opportunities and fellowship events with other young adult groups.

Chika Anyanwu ext. 123

Team members and sponsors guide participants through a process of understanding Catholic teachings and practices to help them discern the choice to become Catholics, or to help prepare adult Catholics to receive the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist.

Mary Ann Andel (909) 987-9312

Catechists and aides hold weekly formation for children in Grades 1–8.

Cecilia Fornelli ext. 150

Youth Ministry for 6- 8th graders.

Candice Brown ext. 122

Married and trained couples assist those preparing for marriage.

Greg and Ana Estrella (English) Francisco and Vicki Bellota (Español) ext 282

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Trenna Meins

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Cecilia Fornelli

A Catholic, Eucharistic-centered youth program open to all teens (grades 9–12), that ministers to the spiritual and educational needs of teens, leading them to a closer relationship with Christ.

Candice Brown ext. 122

Classes conducted on approved family planning.

Shawn and Bern Judson (909) 463-9689

Ministers bring the Eucharist and the prayers of the community to those who are unable to attend mass.

Alicia Sanchez ext. 244

The Health Ministry provides parishioners with opportunities to learn about their health and healthy way of living to prevent disease.  Learn and live a healthier physical life so you can focus on your spiritual journey with God.

Rose Morales 626-216-3496

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Sandra Gonzalez

Assists the needy in the community by distributing food every Tuesday morning.

Maria Brown (626) 274-9068

Ministers bring the Word of God and the Eucharist to those who are incarcerated.

Jeanne Thompson

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Andy Morales

Bereavement Ministry help people through the grief cycle of a death.

Rudy and Olga Rios (909) 702-2951

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Mirella Barclay

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